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Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are the foundation of references and metrics in the world of academia. With the release of AMMR 2.1.1 we have also added a DOI to the AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR):


The DOI for the AMMR are issues by Zenodo, which is an European Open Science platform hosted at CERN. If you click the link above you will be directed to the side shown below.

AMMR on Zenodo
The AMMR record on Zenodo

Archived versions

The DOI above always links to the newest version of the AMMR. That is called a concept DOI, and is useful if you want to cite all version of the AMMR. However, the AMMR is updated regularly, and we would often like to cite a specific version of the AMMR. Luckily, Zenodo supports DOI versioning, and every version of the AMMR has their own DOI.

Version DOI ReleaseData
All versions 10.5281/zenodo.125076  
AMMR-2.1.1 10.5281/zenodo.1287730 June 12, 2018
AMMR-2.1.0 10.5281/zenodo.125127 March 25, 2018
AMMR-2.0.0 10.5281/zenodo.1251274 November 30, 2017
AMMR-1.6.6 10.5281/zenodo.1250765 March 13, 2017

See also: The complete list of releases on Zenodo.

Once a DOI is created Zenodo also archives all the associated files to ensure data is never changed or lost. This effectively means that you can now also download all archived versions of the AMMR directly from Zenodo.

Citing the AMMR

DOI’s will also help you cite the AMMR and specify exactly which version the AMMR you use. This is really important for scientific publications so others can reproduce your results. The DOI ensures that others can be confident that they get the exact version of the AMMR that you used. Once a DOI is minted the underlying files can’t be changed. So DOIs are also essential for traceability.

Zenodo will even generate the correct citation style for all journals.

Different citation styles

Here is an example of how to cite the AMMR v.2.1.1 for Journal of Biomechanics:

How to cite:

Morten Enemark Lund, Søren Tørholm, & Moonki Jung. (2018, June 12). The AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR) (Version 2.1.1). Zenodo.

More research output

You can find more research output from AnyBody Technology on the AnyBodyTech Zenodo community page.

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