AMMR documentation!

AMMR documentation!#


The AnyBody Managed Model Repository

New in AMMR 3.0.3

Open body models

All models are open and editable with the AnyScript model language

Configurable Human model

Configure and combine different body models into a full body model

Lots of Application examples

Gallery of example models provide a good starting point for modeling

Community effort

Models are combined effort of many research groups over two decades

The AnyBody Model Repository (AMMR), is an unique open library of musculoskeletal models and examples ready to be used with the AnyBody Modeling System. The AnyBody Managed Model Repository consists of two parts:

Body Models

The human body models which can be customized and scaled to build a specific musculoskeletal model.

Example gallery

Lots of applicaiton examples showing how the body models are used.

Model Configuration

Information on how to configure the body models, and enable or disable various body parts.

The models are developed in research projects at academic institutions or by AnyBody Technology in collaboration with academic institutions. The models are maintained by AnyBody Technology who ensure that various body part models can be used together as a full body, scalable musculoskeletal model.