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The AnyBody Model Repository (AMMR), is an open library of musculoskeletal models and examples ready to be used with the AnyBody Modeling System.

The AnyBody Model Repository

The AnyBody Model Repository is a unique open collection of human body parts.

The AMMR consists of two parts:

  • Body Models: The human body models which can be customized and scaled to build a specific musculoskeletal model.

  • Application examples: in which the body models are utilized in specific applications (from common daily activities, like pushing the acceleration or brake pedals of a car, to workplace specific scenarios).

The models are developed in research projects at academic institutions or by AnyBody Technology in collaboration with academic institutions. The models are maintained by AnyBody Technology who ensure that various body part models can be used together as a full body, scalable musculoskeletal model.

First time you’re using AMMR?

If you are a new user check the AnyBody Tutorials and the getting started video on AnyBody.

The following Getting Started section on the AMMR provides insight into how AMMR is structured, how to install it and how to use it.

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