Seated Human

Seated Human#

A model of a seated human consisting of the full body model, a chair, and an interface between the two.

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Main file location in AMMR:

Application ‣ Examples ‣ SeatedHuman ‣ SeatedHuman.Main.any

The Seated Human is a family of models resulting from a research project involving the furniture industry. This model is a human sitting in a generic chair where the seat, backrest, arm rests, foot rest and head rest can be adjusted and their influence on the forces in the human body can be investigated.


The contact conditions are conditional with respect to the distance between the body and the surface in question so that they are only active when the contact pair is close to each other.

The contact between the human body and the chair is by means of contact elements that can only provide compression and friction but no tension. The available friction is proportional to the normal force and the user can supply a friction coefficient for each surface such that the effect of different surface fabrics can be investigated.