Bike Model 2D

Bike Model 2D#

A simple bicycle rider model using a planar leg model.

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Main file location in AMMR:

Application ‣ Examples ‣ BikeModel2D ‣ BikeModel2D.main.any

Although this model can be rotated in 3-D space it really is just a saggital plane pedaling model with only a few muscles in each leg. The beauty of pedaling is that it is one of the few cases of biomechanics that can be modeled reasonably on two dimensions only.

The 2-D legs are supplemented with models of the bike frame, crank, and wheels.

You can do lots of interesting stuff with this model:

  • Investigate the influence of the bicycle design

  • Change riding parameters sich as cadence and output power

  • Separate internal work for acceleraton of body segments

from external work on the crank.