About the AnyBody Model Repository


About the AnyBody Model Repository#


The AnyBody Managed Model Repository has a DOI DOI image. This is handled by Zenodo.org, which is an European Open Science platform hosted at CERN. You can download all archived versions of the AMMR from Zenodo.org.

You can download all archived versions of the AMMR from Zenodo.org. The DOI is useful when citing the a specific version of the AMMR. For example, when citing the AMMR 2.4.3:


Remember to use the DOI for the specific version you use.


Lund, Morten Enemark, Tørholm, Søren, et al. (2023, Jan 29). The AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR) (Version 2.4.3). Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7572879


The Model Repository is the product of collaboration between AnyBody Technology, and many academic institutions and research projects. Development happens on GitHub where you can follow the development and contribute to the models.

All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. If you find a bug or have comments to the code please report it on the AnyScript forum.

If you have a fix or an improvement to the models we are happy to accept it. Code contributions and fixes are submitted on GitHub.

Simply fork this repository, editor your fork and start a pull request

Release checklist
  1. Update AMMR.version.any.

    • Update with the new version numbers

    • Fill the ANYBODY_HASH_BODY. The new value can be found in Main.HumanModel.Config.HashBodyModel.

  2. Update any AMS version number in Docs/conf.py (only used when building locally)

  3. Create new version of AMMR on Zenodo (<https://zenodo.org/record/3404750).

    • Click New version button

    • Fill the neccessary fields. Authors are those who contributed since last Release

    • Note the draft DOI which zenodo reserves

    • Save the draft but do not publish it.

  4. Clean up, and update Docs/changelog.rst

    • Prof read and check that all changes are documented.

    • Add Zenodo DOI url to the new release, and fill the date

  5. Check that the docs can build, and that the tests pass.

  6. Merge the branch and add a git tag.

  7. Upload ammr zip file to Zenodo

    • Either use the AMMR zip file created by the AMS build. This (it con or create a

      released zip file by running:

      cd Docs
      make release
      mv release.zip ammr-X.Y.Z.zip

      This creates a zip file with the built documentation.

    • Edit the draft Zenodo release to upload a zip file with AMMR.