Overview of Body Models


Overview of Body Models#

Each body part is implemented utilizing data from detailed cadaver/anatomy studies, thus ensuring high accuracy and anatomical fidelity.

See the section below for a more detailed description of the models and the underlying anatomical data.


The body models live in the Body/ subfolder within your AMMR directory. The folder names and organization here depend on the origin of the models.

By far the most important folder is the Body/AAUHuman, which contains the AnyBody full body model. It was originally developed at Aalborg University, Denmark (with the acronym AAU) but also consists of body-parts (trunk and extremities) that were either developed elsewhere or based on data sets from elsewhere.

Two mandible models have also been developed but are yet to be assembled with the AAUHuman. These two mandible models can be found in Body/Mandible

The Body/Beta folder contains less developed and tested models.

The different body parts included in the full body model are derived from various anatomical databases from literature.

The segmental coordinate systems are constructed using the original data. To ensure having a well defined coordinate system for all segments an anatomical frame has been defined, the anatomical frame is constructed using well defined bony landmark locations on the bone.

The full body model contains shoulder/arm, trunk, foot and multiple leg models which can be assembled into the full human in many combinations.


Parts of the AAUHuman (except the mandible) are by default assembled together into a full body model. See Configuring the Body Model for re-configuring the model to for example, only represent the trunk, or use a different leg/muscle model.