Body Model Plugin (BM-Plugin)

Body Model Plugin (BM-Plugin)#

The Body Model Plugin is a piece of software meant to be used as a high level interface on top of AnyScript, particularly for setting BM statements.

The example below configures a model with no arms and sets the “TLEM Leg v2” legs model.


The BM-Plugin is available with models that make use of the Human Model:

// Include the HumanModel to configure it using BM-Plugin
#include "<ANYBODY_PATH_BODY>\HumanModel.any"

To start BM-Plugin, a button comes available in AMS in order to launch it:


The BM statements are classified in five tabs which are providing instantaneous visual feedback: Body, Legs, Arms, Trunk, Mannequin Drivers.

The complete configurable list of BM statements can be found in the Advanced tab:


The BM statements are stored in a dedicated file located in the Model folder next to the .main.any file of the model. For the BM statements set in this file to take effect, the file needs to be included in the model:

// Include the file containing the BM statements.
#include "Model/BodyModelConfiguration.any"

This structure of for the model’s files is encouraged regardless if the BM-Plugin is used or not. The content of the configuration file can be seen in the Script File tab of the plugin: