Class templates

Class templates#

Class templates are a way to encapsulate and reuse AnyScript code. Class templates are used in many parts of the model repository to make the code more readable and easier to maintain.

A simple class template which creates a reference frame which is visible by default:

#class_template MyClassTemplate(__CLASS__=AnyRefNode, DRAW_NODE = Off) 
   #var sRel = {0,0,0};
   #var ARel = eye(3);    
   viewRefFrame = {
      #var Visible = On;
   #if DRAW_NODE == On
   AnyDrawNode DrawNode = {};

The class template can then be used to create a AnyRefNode:

MyClassTemplate MyNode(DRAW_NODE=On) = {
   sRel = {1,1,0};

Many of the class templates in the model repository are also useful for the users when building models.

This page contain a list of all the documented class templates in the model repository.

List of class templates#