Free posture Models

Free posture Models#

A basic static full-body model standing on a floor.

This model uses the full body model, i.e. most of the body parts available in the AAUHuman part of the Body directory. The model is grounded at the pelvis and the posture if the model is controlled through a mannequin.any file by means of joint angles.

Main file location in AMMR:

Application ‣ Examples ‣ FreePosture ‣





This application is a really good starting point for new applications involving the entire body.

The model do not contain muscles and is only intended for running kinematic analysis

The model has several configurations which can be changed in the file Config.any

BodyModelSelection can be either “FullBodyModel” or “FullBodySRHand” FullBodyModel is a fullbody model FullBodyModelSRHand is a fullbody model with a detailed hand and shoulder rhythm

CONFIGURATION2 can be either “FreePostureStatic” or “FreePostureMove” FreePostureStatic is a static model which do not move its joint angles are controlled in the “mannequin.any” file FreePostureMove is a dynamic model controlled through angles which can be set in the “MannequinInterpolation.any” file