Configuring the Body Model

The body model can be configured in multiple ways. This include what limb segments are include, the type of muscles, scaling etc.


To easily configure the body model, you can also use the Body Model Plugin (BM-Plugin).

All these choises are controlled through a number of switches called Body Model (BM) parameters. BM parameters are always prefixed with BM_ and written in uppercase.

Simple example

The example below configures a model with no arms and enables the 3-element Hill muscles model on the legs.


// Now include the HumanModel
#include "<ANYBODY_PATH_BODY>\HumanModel.any"


Some parameters have simple ON/OFF options, while others have more options.

The next section shows an overview of what BM statements are available for the different body parts.

BM parameters

There are body model parameters for configuring each body part, controlling scaling, controlling the default mannequin drivers (click to see tutorial on modelling from scratch), as well as other global options for the model.

See the following links for details on BM parameters related to different body parts and modelling options:

All Parameters and constants

The full list of all the parameter and their options is available in the links below: