Rat Hindlimb model

Rat Hindlimb model#

The Ulm Rat hindlimb model is a simlation of the internal forces and moments in the femur of a rat during gait. The model is based on the work of Tim Wehner and colleagues from Ulm University in Germany. The model is based on micro CT scans of the lower extremity of 15 rats. Kinematics was created from x-ray movies in two different planes. This model is good example of small stand alone model to answer a specific research question.

The main file of the model is located at:

Application ‣ Beta ‣ UlmRatHindLimbModel ‣ UlmRatHindLimbModel.Main.any

Please cite the following paper when using or publishing with this model:

Wehner, T. et al. (2010). “Internal forces and moments in the femur of the rat during gait.” J Biomech 43(13): 2473-2479. link.