Facet Joint Model

Facet Joint Model#

A spine model with facet joints.

Main file: Application/Examples/FacetJointModel/FacetJointModel.main.any

This model presents a methodology for implementation of facet joints in the lumbar spine model developed by De Zee et al. (2007: J Biomech. 40, 1219-1227). It enables the facet joint forces to become part of a redundant system of equilibrium equations for the entire system including the muscles. This redundant system is subsequently solved uniquely thereby making it possible to analyze the effect of whole body movements and loads on facet joint loading for the whole lumbar spine together with its muscles.

More details can also be found in the webcast “Implementation of facet joints in a lumbar spine model (Mark de Zee, 25. September, 2008)” it can be found at https://www.anybodytech.com


For dynamic situation this model should be used with care since the facet joint forces in this situation may add energy to the mechanical system.