Index finger model

Index finger model#

The Index finger model is developed by John Z. Wu (NIOSH, Morgantwon, WV 26505, USA) in 2008.

The model was developed to better understand the muscles forces in the finger during keyboard key tapping. The model contains seven muscles/tendons which connects the metacarpal with the three phalangeal finger segments. This model is good example of small stand alone model to answer specific research questions.

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Main file location in AMMR:

Application ‣ Beta ‣ IndexFinger_JohnWu ‣ IndexFinger_JohnWu.Main.any

Please cite the following paper when using or publishing with this model:

Wu, J. Z. et al. Analysis of musculoskeletal loading in an index finger during tapping. J. Biomech. 41, 668–676 (2008) link