Bike Model

Bike Model#

Bicycle rider model that runs either as FullBody or as LowerExtremity version.

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Main file location in AMMR:

Application ‣ Examples ‣ BikeModel ‣

BikeModel-FullBody.main.any / BikeModel-LowerBody.main.any

The model illustrates several important topics in model construction:

  • Block building techniques

  • Include files

  • Structuring of models using directories

  • Modeling of an environment as a mechanism, in this case the bicycle

The human model is included as a block from the Body (BodyRepository) directory.

The model of the bike including bike frame, crank, wheels, definition of crank moment etc. can be found in the include file “BikeFrameAndWheels.any”.

The connections between the “human model” and the bicycle are defined in BikeLegConnection.any.

The model can run in two configurations FullBodyModel and LowerExtremityModel this can be changed in the “Config.any” file