Making Models using SOLIDWORKS

Making Models using SOLIDWORKS#

This tutorial shows how a CAD model designed in SOLIDWORKS can be imported into AnyBody and interact with the human model. This allows for analysis and optimization of the ergonomics of products.

The AnyBody Exporter™ for SOLIDWORKS® (AnyExp4SOLIDWORKS™), is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS, which allows export of SOLIDWORKS assembly models to AnyBody.

AnyBody and SOLIDWORKS is a powerful combination if you want to design and analyze mechanical systems with a close relationship with human. It is convenient to manage the model of your system in the CAD system with its powerful design functionality and then transfer the model to AnyBody for human-integrated mechanical analysis. AnyExp4SOLIDWORKS makes this transfer of the model easy.

After finalizing your CAD model, then with the AnyExp4SOLIDWORKS add-in you can translate it into a corresponding AnyScript model. This AnyScript model will include all mass properties, initial positions and geometry information of all individual parts in your CAD assembly. Also all the mate information of your CAD assembly will be translated into several corresponding AnyScript constraint objects.

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