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You can find the available tutorials in the sidebar. The tutorials are ordered in a suitable sequence for new users who are unfamiliar with AnyBody, but this sequence may not be optimal for you depending on your background and interests.

A Study of Studies

Explains the sequence of a typical study/simulation from initial conditions, kinematics to the inverse dynamic analysis.

Making things move

Overview of the different possibilities to apply a motion to a body model. From simple drivers to motion caputure data.

Muscle modeling

Introduces the many facilities for modeling muscles, including different muscle types and models, as well as ligament modeling.

The mechanical elements

Demonstration the mechanical objects available in AnyScript, such as segments, joints, drivers, forces, and the very versatile kinematic measures.

Force dependent kinematics

Deep dive into force dependent kinematics which allows the user to alter motion in a joint depending on the acting forces from muscles, ligaments, surfaces, etc.

Parameter studies and optimization

Introduces parameter and optimization studies, which are used to investigate the influence of model parameters and optimize them to obtain a desired model behavior.

Finite element analysis interface

Shows how forces in a model can be exported to provide the boundary conditions of a finite element model.

Making Models using SOLIDWORKS

Shows how a CAD model designed in SOLIDWORKS can be imported into AnyBody and interact with the human model.

Scaling and Personalizing your Model

Shows advanced scaling in AnyBody using MRI scans and morphing.

Posture and Movement Prediction

Shows how simple example of movement optimization.