AnyBody Tutorials!


AnyBody Tutorials!#


Tutorials for the AnyBody Modeling System

The Tutorials cover a wide range of topics and are a good place to start learning how to do musculoskeletal modeling in the AnyBody Modeling System.

Get Started

You can find the available tutorials in the sidebar. The tutorials are ordered in a suitable sequence for new users who are unfamiliar with AnyBody, but this sequence may not be optimal for you depending on your background and interests.

It is recommended to start with the four Getting Started tutorials.

Getting started tutorials

Set of tutorials for new users of AnyBody. Gives a relatively fast introduction to AnyScript and the AnyBody Managed Model Repository.

Core Tutorials

Set of tutorials for many different aspects of the Anybody Modeling System. Select the totorials that makes sense for your projects to quickly get up to speed.

AMMR Tutorials

Look up the AMMR tutorials if you need help and guides for using the AnyBody Managed Model Repository.

Other resources!#

AnyScript forums

The Forum is a place to give and get help from other users. Get help and and learn from the experts.


The wiki has a wealth of information, tips&tricks and FAQs for working with the AnyBody Modeling System.

AMMR documenation

Browse documentation on AMMR models and learn about possible settings

The AnyBodyTech channel

AnyBody Technology Youtube channel watch webcasts and other videos


AnyPyTools is a toolkit for working with the AnyBody Modeling System (AMS) from Python.

GitHub repositories

The repositories on Github has large and small models under development. Download cutting edge models and join development.

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