Using the AnyBody Modeling System

Please complete the “Getting Started: AnyScript Programming” tutorial before proceeding.


We also strongly recommend watching the introductory video.

Please go to the CrossTrainer example from the AnyBody Managed Model Repository and open the CrossTrainer.main.any file. Load the model into AnyBody by pressing F7 or using the “Load” button in the toolbar.


This GUI contains the following windows:

  1. AnyScript Editor: Text editor for modifying the model

  2. Model View: Displays the model in 3D

  3. Chart View: Displays graphs (click the tab to open it).

  4. Model Tree View: The model tree represents the organizational structure of model

  5. Log Window: Errors, warnings, and other status messages are written here

  6. Progress Window: Displays the progress of the running operation

  7. Information Window: Displays properties of objects selected in Model Tree

The individual windows will be explained in greater detail in the following lessons:

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