Getting Started#

Getting Started Tutorials

If you are a new user, please spend 7 minutes to watch the introductory video below before beginning the tutorials.

There is few tutorials which are target new users. These tutorials are ordered in a suitable sequence for users who are unfamiliar with AnyBody. After completing these tutorials you will be better suited for working with your own projects.

Getting Started - First steps

Getting started tutorial for new users. Introduces the basics concepts in the AnyBody Modeling system.

How to write AnyScript

Introduces the building blocks for the AnyScript modeling language, which is used for all modeling in AnyBody.

Modeling the Human Body

explains the construction of a complex biomechanical model, starting from a full body model from the model repository.

The AnyBody Model Repository

Tutorial(s) on how to use the AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR).