Introduction: Getting Started with Modeling

Introduction: Getting Started with Modeling#

Developing accurate models of the human body from scratch is an enormous task. It is thus practical to use the models in the The AnyBody Managed Model Repository as a starting template for a new application.

The following elements of the AnyScript language make such templating easier:

  • Include files - Which aid templating and sharing model components across different applications

  • Body model parameters - For customizing the default AMMR body models

The AMMR installation folder also contains a library of demo applications such as MoCap gait, cycling, leg-press exercises etc. If any of these applications are similar to your end goal, you can copy the application’s model files and then modify them as required.

But in this tutorial, you will build a model from the bottom-up using the AMMR model templates.

This tutorial is based on version 8.0 of the AnyBody Managed Model Repository. This the latest AMMR version and the tutorial may not be fully relevant if you are using an AnyBody Modeling System prior to version 8.0.

With that done, please proceed to Lesson 1: Starting with a new Model using a template.